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CrossFit Class Schedule

- 5:30am - 6:30am M-F
- 8:00am - 9:00am M-F
- 9:00am - 10:00am M-F
- 3:30pm - 4:30pm M-F
- 4:00pm - 5:00pm M-F
- 5:00pm - 6:00pm M-F
- 6:00pm - 7:00pm M-F
- 7:00pm - 8:00pm M-F
*9am Ladies-Only Class

Specialty Classes

CFT Barbell Club

- 5:00pm - 6:00pm

*Led by Coach Andrew Rape. We work to gain serious strength. Specifically to develop technique and strength in all Olympic and Power lifts. Come ready to work.

CFT Gymnastics Class

- 5:00pm - 6:00pm

*Led by Coach Mark Mehringer.  This class helps athletes develope skills and drills to further their capacity to move well in their own bodies. Come ready to move in ways you haven't since you were a kid

Ladies-Only CrossFit Class

- 9:00am - 10:00am

*Led by Coach Ashley in a non-intimidating environment with only women in the class :) Feel free to bring your kids and grab a great CrossFit workout!

Distance "Run for Your Life" Running Group

Meet at CFT @ 8:00am and go from there

*Led by James Buxton and Lacy Isbell. Distances for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. All levels are welcome.

Weekend Schedule

Open Gym

- 10:00am - 2:00pm

- 1:00pm - 3:00pm

*We have coaches present to help you with anything you need during Open Gym times.  This is the time to make up a workout you missed throughout the week, develop a skill, or attack a weakness.

101 Fundamentals

- Class 1 - "The Basics"
Monday - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

- Class 2 - "Fundamentals"
Wednesday - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

- Class 3 - "The Olympic Lifts"
Friday - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

*Fundamentals is a three part series beginning on Monday and finishing on Friday, we recommend attending all three sessions in order to become comfortable with the demands of a typical group class
*Fundamentals by Reservation only, call (205)317-9526, or e-mail CFTrussville@yahoo.com
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CFT Athletes of the Month! | Print |
Written by Andrew Rape   

Chris and Brooke Schmohl are our CFT Athletes of the Month!

Couples that train together stay together :)

I am so happy for the two of these athletes to be representing us as our Athlete (Athletes this month!) of the month :) These two have been such a strong support structure for one another since they started with us at CFT that it's began affecting every athlete around them.  Brooke and Schmohl (aka Chris) are always keeping everyone's attitudes up and never allow a difficult WoD to take a hold of their outlook.  They've got one of the strongest relationships I've ever seen and are always empowering one another.  Inside the gym, they are both consistently ensuring that they are monitoring their weaknesses and spending time on anything that they need to all the while encouraging those around them.  They both embody exactly what we want to see as athletes who represent CFT; integrity, discipline, excellence, effort, love, respect, and valuing relationships with others.  We want to encourage the both of you and wish you the best of luck as you continue to be amazing examples to your daughter!! We are so happy to have you guys representing us!!

- Coach Andrew

Here is what Chris had to say about his experience so far at CrossFit Trussville:

In 2011 when our daughter Hannah was born I had been working out fairly regularly and was trying not to gain that pregnancy weight that fathers sometimes do. When Hannah was one month old she was diagnosed with a rare form of infant cancer. She had a surgery and several other procedures during the first year of her life. During this time, fitness was not at the top of my priority list and I found myself again off the wagon. Somewhere during this time I decided that if Hannah can be as strong as she was, then I too had better be around to see what the Lord had in store for her. I decided that I would not let my health be a reason for us not to be able to do things together as she got older and I didn’t want to be the dad sitting around watching her play, but rather be right beside her for all her activities.

I know most people are concerned with weight loss, and I wish I could say that I’ve lost a ton of weight but that’s just not the case. When I started CFT I weighed about 235 pounds. Well, I still weigh about 235 pounds. Fortunately, this is only a number. Even though I still weigh the same, I am much leaner and more muscular than I can ever remember being. After years of eating terrible, I never knew just how much extra weight I was carrying around. Not only do I have more energy, but my overall mind-set is much better than it has ever been. I look forward to each day and the challenges that it will bring, not only for Crossfit, but in every aspect of my life. CFT has truly been a blessing to me and my family. Thank you so much for this tremendous honor, and if you are out there thinking about Crossfit, quit thinking and just come get started. It will be one of the decisions that you look back on and wish you had done sooner.

Wow! What an honor. First of all, I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I started here at Crossfit Trussville. I talked about joining for about six months before Brooke said “just shut up about it and go do it!” I have to admit, I was pretty intimidated by the whole Crossfit thing. I have worked out over the years off and on, but never with the consistency and intensity that I have here at CFT. I would usually make it anywhere from 3-6 months and then fall off the wagon again. For anyone thinking about joining I would say that while the WOD’s are always grueling and intense, just walking in the door was the hardest part for me.

Andrew, thank you for the example you set everyday not only here at CFT but seemingly everywhere you go. You really do inspire average people like me to push beyond what we think we are capable of and achieve great results. For the rest of the coaching staff, a huge thanks to all of you. Since the day I started you have taken time with me as an individual whenever I have had questions or when you’ve seen me doing something that needed improvement you are there to help.

To everyone else in the gym: Thanks for making us feel welcome. I remember the first night I came to the fundamentals class, and as I was leaving, Ashley Williams came out to the parking lot just to tell me that she hoped I had a good time and to welcome me to CFT. That moment confirmed for me that I had found something special at CFT. I have met some awesome people and enjoy our friendships. Thanks for all of your encouragement. Which is usually after you all finish the WOD and I’m still working.

Lastly, thanks to my wonderful wife Brooke. I have truly enjoyed seeing you improve in the gym and get so much satisfaction out of Crossfit. You are setting a wonderful example to Hannah by showing her that strong is beautiful. Thank you for pushing me to give CFT a try, and your support to always push harder.

I tell Brooke all the time that there is a 450 pound version of me just waiting to get out, and I fight that guy everyday. Being a part of the CFT family has helped me tremendously in this battle. Everyday I am looking forward to coming in and getting the work done. Now we have made our fitness such a part of our lives that we plan our day around being able to come in and do the WOD. I have always tried to be a person that will do anything for anybody, but please don’t ask me to do anything between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. I will be at CFT!

Chris Schmohl

And here is what Brooke had to say about her experience at CFT :)

What!?! Are you serious? I am at a loss of words. I am honored to have been chosen as the CFT Athlete of the Month and it's great to get to share this with my husband. It is truly an honor. When Andrew told me this I was so excited that I had tears in my eyes. I never imagined this!! Well to start off, I love Crossfit Trussville and never dreamed I would still be here after a year and a half. Yes, I am one of those people that used to refer to Crossfit as a cult (sorry Andrew :-/). But I was so wrong!!

I describe Crossfit Trussville as a place where people that love to workout and lift heavy stuff come and everyone acts like they've known each other forever. My journey at CFT started because I was so tired of hearing Chris talk about it. Chris started Crossfit 3 months before I decided to join and talked about it nonstop. He was always talking about the WoDs and showing me different things he was doing. He tried and tried so hard to get me to join with him but I was scared to death. I was intimated by everything associated with working out and especially "crossfit". Being an outsider, I was like "have you seen the things these people do?? I can't do that!! They will laugh at me." I would go to the YMCA and do a cycle class but would never step foot in the room beyond the treadmills. For one, I didn't want to workout with guys and secondly, I had no idea what I was doing.

I finally got so tired of him talking about Crossfit that I gave in and joined. I was so intimated, that I made Chris go to the fundamentals class with me so I wouldn't be by myself. I walked in on that Monday night and the gym was packed! My heart was racing 90 to nothing. But I stuck it out and I am so very thankful I did. My first real day was January 21, 2013 and the WoD was "Murph". I scaled and scaled and then scaled some more. I remember barely being able to lift a 33lb bar over my head.

But now all of that has changed and I love everything about Crossfit Trussville. I especially love hitting new PR's. I wish I could ring the bell everyday. I am still not where I want to be but I am stronger than I was when I started and feel the best I have felt in a long time. Our daughter was born 9/11/11 and while I was pregnant I gained 50lbs. I was still carrying around a lot of that extra weight when I started, but a month after I started I was able to fit into my old scrubs and it felt amazing!!  I am so thankful my husband never stopped pushing me and is still so supportive. I am a truly addicted to CFT. If the WoD isn't posted by 8pm, I am the one that is constantly checking to see if it's up.

I can't wait to do the next workout even though the one I just finished just about killed me. To the coaches--- WOW!! Y'all are truly amazing and are so passionate about this sport that I never felt like I couldn't ask how to do something. This is not just your "job" but your passion. Every single one of you helped me and showed me the correct way.  The coaches are awesome!! A huge thank you to Curt for always being so patient and willing to help. When I first started, the only class I would go to was the 10am, because it was 90% girls in the class and it wasn't packed out so I felt like I could say I've never done that before and Curt would take as long as needed to show me and make sure I was doing it right.

To the athletes of Crossfit Trussville y'all are ALL amazing!!! I've never felt so welcome or so apart of something before. I am not the most outgoing person in the gym but I am living proof that it's ok to step out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you. Lacy Isbell posted something on Facebook not to long ago about being comfortable when your uncomfortable and I can so relate to that. I'm slowly getting more comfortable working out in the evenings. I know all of you are going to laugh, but I still can't hang with the big dogs :-). But seriously, I wouldn't be where I am today without y'all. You all have pushed me, helped me and when I'm struggling you have kept me going and I thank you for that. To the women off Crossfit Trussville y'all inspire me to be better every day. Strong is beautiful. To the man I'm sharing athlete of the month with, I wouldn't want to share this with anyone but you! Thank you for pushing me and supporting me through this journey.

Thanks for getting us both addicted to CrossFit Trussville. :-)

(It's also pretty awesome that my coach has been drafted by the Rhinos as a pro athlete!!!)

Thank you again!!!

Brooke Schmohl




Getting Started with CrossFit Trussville | Print |
Written by Andrew Rape   

CrossFit Trussville

It's easy!

Our Program is designed for EVERYONE.  You DO NOT need to be an elite athlete to come train at our facility.  More often than not, people are most intimidated by the pictures and videos of our athletes, but remember that you are seeing everyone's AFTER pictures.  Come in and talk with our athletes and you'll quickly realize they started in the same place you are at.  Some people think they won't fit in or are too out of shape to train with us.  Please don’t do the same. This program is designed for all types of people no matter your shape, size or fitness level.  We will always be committed in helping you reach your fitness goals, the only thing you have to do is show up and stay disciplined.  Read some of the testimonials on our site to hear about some of the members success stories.

We are interested in real fitness.  Not just getting stronger, but actually being athletic and fit.  This means we put all our effort into getting you into the best shape of your life. No bones about it, we want you to succeed.  To do this, we implement a wide variety of movements, varying workout formats, and constantly varying functions to provide you with the most benefit in each workout. In order to provide you with the best possible outcome, we have coaches lead every single class.  You'll never wonder if what you're doing will actually benefit you.  Our highly qualified staff ensures that you will get the most of of each and every workout, maximizing your potential every single day by taking care of all of your programming.   Check out our Testimonials page to see what people have accomplished with us.

Who is CrossFit for? CrossFit is for everyone! The best way to see if CrossFit truly is for you is to come by and watch or give it a try. To put it simply, we create a superior athletic environment that fosters great results through hard work and strong willed dedication under the watchful eye of a certified coach. CrossFit is our sport. You will receive personal attention every single day, and a healthier, fitter life is inevitable. Every workout is specialized and scaled for you personally, making each class like personal training, at a significant fraction of the cost.

Once you’ve seen the results of our athletes and realize that we are NOT a typical gym but a community of people striving for a better quality of life, you will understand the value of our service.

To learn more about what CrossFit is, click here


CrossFit Trussville

Step 1: See What Everyone Is Talking About.

Check out our testimonials page and/or come in to talk with any of our athletes or coaches.

Step 2: Try Us Out

CrossFit is technical, demanding, and rewarding, and we ask that every new athlete be exposed to at least one workout prior to training with us.  Our coaches are the most competitive in the area, and we have the experience to get you where you want to be! Our programming is scalable to all fitness levels, so don't be intimidated!  Your coach is here to help you along the way, we will not let you be so sore that you cannot walk down stairs!  We approach fitness with intelligence and have a process proven to work.

Step 3: Learn It In Our Fundamentals Course

After you’ve been through a free introductory workout, your next step is to attend our Fundamentals course for beginning athletes.

This course includes 3 1-hour individual (these three specific sessions are included in your membership) coaching sessions designed to introduce you to the basic CrossFit movement techniques. Furthermore, we will provide coaching on CrossFit, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. These sessions are specifically designed as a gateway to joining our regularly scheduled group classes.

It is imperative that, as a new athlete, you attend each and every class, as we have a set curriculum to adhere to. Failure to attend all classes will result in additional private coaching sessions (at an additional rate) prior to the start of your training at CrossFit Trussville.  Schedule conflicts happen all the time, so just get with a coach and we'll get you taken care of!

To schedule your CrossFit Fundamentals course, please contact us at (205) 317-9526.

*Please note: Not all athletes will be ready to move into the group class after attending the Fundamentals course. Depending on the athlete's level of fitness and ability to learn the fundamentals movements, additional private coaching sessions may be required before entry into our group classes.

Step 4: Put It Into Practice

After you’ve been through the CrossFit Fundamentals, you’re ready to start attending our group classes or personalize your training with private sessions.

At CrossFit Trussville, we train a wide variety of individuals, from fire fighters, police officers, and athletes, to housewives, college students, and anyone willing to put in the sweat and time to achieve true fitness. Some of our athletes are training for functional dominance; others are training to regain functional competence. We train athletes to be strong, fast, and mentally tough using a no-nonsense, intense workout program aimed at developing raw strength, strength endurance, explosive power, and metabolic conditioning.

No matter what your athletic needs, you can be sure that you will find your best fitness with us.

If you are looking for a world class coaching program and want to train harder than you ever have, all the while making a bunch of new friends, then CrossFit Trussville is definitely the right place for you!

CrossFit Trussville

CrossFit Trussville

Adult Monthly Membership – Includes Unlimited Training Sessions – No Contract, all Month-to-Month

CrossFit Fundamentals Course – FREE - Included with Membership
- Course Only, Without Membership $75.00

Adult Memberships – Includes Unlimited Training Sessions
Monthly Unlimited - $149.95
6 Months in Advance - $739.75
12 Months in Advance - $1509.40

Student/Military/Police/Fire Memberships – Includes Unlimited Sessions
Monthly Unlimited - $129.95
6 Months in Advance – $635.75
12 Months in Advance – $1279.55
Couples/Family Discount - Save $30 on each family member added

CrossFit Trussville

Do you need extra accountability?
Have you been sedentary for an extended period of time?
Are you new to exercise?
Do you have very specific performance oriented goals?
Do you have pre-existing injuries?
Are you hesitant of the group setting?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Private training may be right for you.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching Packages
Private 1-on-1 Session - $60.00
5 Private 1-on-1 Sessions - $275.00
10 Private 1-on-1 Sessions - $550.00
15 Private 1-on-1 Sessions - $775.00
20 Private 1-on-1 Sessions - $975.00
25 Private 1-on-1 Sessions - $1150.00
Semi-Private Training Sessions - $30.00 per athlete

Drop-In/Day-Pass - $20

If you're from out of town and have +6 months of experience the Drop-In rate is waived for up to one week. Train at no cost!




Tired of the boring Globo Gym routine? Are you prepared to get in the best shape of your life?

CrossFit Trussville is a family of real people achieving unreal results. 

To learn more about CrossFit Trussville and how we can get you on your way to achieving your goals, give us a call at: (205) 317-9526

Email us: CFTrussville@yahoo.com

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