All memberships include unlimited training sessions, always month-to-month and never any contracts.

Individual Membership
Monthly Unlimited - $160
6 Month in Advance - $800
12 Month in Advance - $1,600

Student/Military/Police/Fire Membership
Monthly Unlimited - $140
6 Months in Advance - $700
12 Months in Advance - $1,400

Couple/Family Membership
Monthly Unlimited - $255
Each additional family member is $100

We always grandfather our athletes in at the rate they pay when they first sign up and will never raise rates as long as the member is active.  Only upon cancellation or membership holds longer than 1 month will the member be subject to the updated rate.

We also allow athletes to suspend their membership indefinitely with a $15 (or $20 couples) monthly hold, upon returning he/she may revert to their previous rate

Individual 1-on-1 Sessions

Do you need extra accountability?
Have you been sedentary for an extended period of time?
Are you new to exercise?
Do you have very specific performance oriented goals?
Do you have pre-existing injuries?
Are you hesitant of the group setting?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Private training may be right for you.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching Packages

Private 1-on-1 Session $60
5 Private 1-on-1 Sessions $275
10 Private 1-on-1 Sessions $550
15 Private 1-on-1 Sessions $77
20 Private 1-on-1 Sessions $975
25 Private 1-on-1 Sessions $1150

Semi-Private Training Session - $30/per athlete

Daily Drop-In

Drop-In Rate: $20 per day

***The Drop-In fee is waived with the purchase of a CFT t-shirt.

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