"wondering if you can do CrossFit? you can!!!" 

I never was the “athletic” type in highschool, so I approached this with hesitation. Mostly, because I doubted I could actually do any of it. To my surprise, I discovered a whole new me. I’ve only been doing Crossfit for 1 month, but I no longer doubt my ability to one day do a pullup or even further down the road complete a muscle up. In fact, I can’t wait! I have developed confidence in my abilities and that is priceless to me. Each day is a challenge and I can already see a difference: inside and outside. I love CrossFit Trussville and I am thankful for the trainers who are so encouraging and always pushing me to do my best. Try it... you will not be disappointed!
— Kelly Gilliland
Becoming a member of CrossFit Trussville is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made. Enriched and blessed and thankful! I love my box!
— Leanne Steele
I’m hooked already. I’ve always hated working out because I’ve found doing it alone at every gym is boring, but CrossFit is anything but boring. I really love all the coaches and have met a lot of great people at CFT so far. I realized on my off day last week how much I hated resting, so in 2 weeks I’ve gone from hating working out to hating NOT working out. I can’t wait till I get to a level to compete sooner than later!
— Bradley Funderburk
In my 10+ years working out in a “regular” gym I have never seen as many people get tangible and noticeable results as I have in just 7 months of being at CrossFit Trussville.
— Jeff Davis
“Great WOD today CrossFit Trussville and even got a 15# PR on Back Squat at 275#! I am so pumped about the Paleo Challenge. It is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see the progress over the next 6 weeks. I have a lot of goals to reach and I know that I have a lot to work on but it is like the quote for this week says “I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday” #progress
— James Buxton
This past Tuesday marked 12 weeks since I started back at Crossfit Trussville. In that 12 weeks I have lost 18 pounds and 5.6% body fat! I did not do any fancy diet or any other crazy secrets. Just hit it hard at CrossFit 3 days a week with everything Leaving me physically on the floor and started paying attention to my diet. Made sure to get lots of lean protein, fruits and veggies. I feel great and am stronger than I have ever been!!! I love my CFT family and have some great coaches to thank for getting me here!”
— Lauren Gilmer
I never in my life thought it would be possible to lift that. I’m reaching places I have never been before and it’s an awesome feeling.
— Joey Sprague