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The Level Method gives you the perfect picture through testing where your fitness is. Once tested, the overall snap shot of your fitness gives the coaches a stronger ability to safely progress each individual through their fitness goals.

This level of service is groundbreaking and CFT is 1 of just a handful of gyms WORLD WIDE with exclusive rights to the program. Level Method partners handpick each individual gym based on merit, professionalism, and investment in athletes, and we are happy to be recognized for our common vision!

We are so excited to bring the Level Method to our athletes at CFT! So, what is it? The Level Method is a fitness ranking/tracking system with a myriad of levels and stages appropriate to each athletes individual strengths and weaknesses. You can chart your fitness progress over time using a wide range of colored levels. We will test progress across 15 different dimensions of fitness, from lower body strength to aerobic capacity and flexibility. The Level Method gives you a complete snapshot of your fitness – strength, weakness and everything in between – to help you better set and accomplish training goals.

The Level Method is free for CFT athletes, completely optional, and it has proven to be wildly effective in gyms around the world. This means more fun, more PRs and more Bright Spots! You probably noticed that giant spreadsheet that appeared next to the front desk? There’s a ton of great info on there, so make sure to check it out. In the meantime, here is a little background:

It Will Help You Get Fitter, Faster

CrossFit is a general fitness program, meaning we’re working an incredibly wide range of muscle groups, energy systems and fitness skills on a regular basis. This constantly varied approach leads to amazing fitness results, but some people will find an imbalance over time given that each individual has their own specific genetic differences and preferences. While one CFT member may have a massive deadlift, but no strict pull-ups, another member may have muscle-ups, but they feel like they’re behind in overall strength. Some people can sprint, some can run a mile in a flash.

The Level Method is designed to help you better understand your weaknesses so we can put a plan in place to improve on them. In CrossFit you are only as strong as your weakest link, and that’s where the Level Method can really help.

Awarding Your Achievements


You’re working hard in the gym and deserve to be rewarded! As you progress through the different colored levels, you will ‘Level Up’ and earn new master rankings (ex: jumping from yellow to orange)! PRs are great, and seeing measurable jumps in your overall fitness ranking are even better! It’s easy to get lost in your list of goals, and the Level Method will show you time and time again just how far you’ve come.

The Right Workout for You Right Now

Everyone wants to RX workouts, but sometimes it’s not the right move. Prioritizing your whiteboard score over safety and results can become a downward spiral. The Level Method will help you understand the right scaling options for benchmark workouts like Fran and Diane, and also help you recognize the most effective gymnastics progressions. This means greater safety, less injury and more effective workouts.

Simplifying the Complex

As you get progressively fitter and fitter, getting to the ‘next level’ can often feel impossible. You can do a wall walk, but will that handstand push-up ever happen? Maybe you can bang out pull-ups for days, but a muscle-up feels like an eternity away. The reality, though, is that you will only achieve your goals one step and one level at a time. The Level Method MAP (spread-sheeters are gonna love it!) will help you visualize the steps between here and there, and help you better understand what you need to achieve your goals. It will also help us better understand your fitness needs so we can offer supplemental programming to slingshot you forward.

Understanding the MAP and Finding Your Master Level

There are 15 fitness areas to be tested, arranged into 5 groups of 3. You can find the 15 fitness areas in the far left column of the Level Method MAP posted inside the gym near the front desk. We test all 15 fitness areas, and you will receive a color level for each of them based on your performance (ex: yellow 1 in running and blue 2 in flexibility). Once you have entered levels online for all tests, your master level will be determined. The Level Method app will remove your two worst scores, and your master level will be the lowest remaining color entered. You are only as strong as your weakest areas, so working your weaknesses is the best way to level up. Seems tricky? Just ask a coach!

It’ll Work For Everyone, But It’s Not for Everyone. And That’s Okay!

If you love the feeling of testing yourself during the CrossFit Open – of seeing how far you’ve come, where you rank in the grand scheme of things and what you need to work on, you’ll LOVE the Level Method. If you have a list of goals and you want to connect the dots between here and there, this may be the exact tool you’ve been waiting for. It will help you progress faster and keep the fire burning for years to come.

If it’s not for you, no worries either! The Level Method is an awesome tool, but we completely, understand that not everyone will want to use it. If you just love showing up, working hard and sweating it out, nothing will change. Nothing! We’ll be doing periodic level testing, but testing is always a blast and nothing else will change as far as programming or the overall gym experience. The Level Method is optional, and just a small piece of the CFT puzzle.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask a coach!