Cory Glover

Our extremely well-earned and dedicated MALE winner of the CFT Summer Slimdown Challenge is Cory Glover! As an athlete who just recently got engaged as well (congratulations Brooke and Cory!) he has been following our diet recommendations and training hard at CFT throughout the 8 week challenge. Amazingly, he lost 24lbs of pure fat and even crazier, gained 17lbs of muscle! Absolutely just a complete body change to accompany his new lifestyle. Congratulations to Cory Glover as our male Slimdown Challenge Winner! We are so proud of each and every one of you who took on these last 8 weeks as an initiative to change some eating habits and put it in effective work in at CFT. You have all been such an inspiration to us as coaches and to each of your fellow athletes as well. The challenge may be over, but the fun has just begin! Keep up your new healthy habits and the possibilities are endless!