The perfect team to help you achieve unreal results.

Our Coaches are all real people. who've developed a passion to lead others. Each one of our amazing coaches have all worked amazingly hard for what they've earned, including overcoming being overweight, out of shape, insecure, etc.  Your coaches are all real people, looking to share their passion of betterment with you.


Andrew Rape, Coach/Owner

Despite what most people would imagine, Andrew spent the vast majority of his childhood and teen years overweight,  quitting nearly every sport because he was either too out of shape or too discouraged to compete against other physically gifted athletes.
Since deciding to take a hold of the reigns, throw excuses to the wayside, and looking to see just what he could accomplish, he pushed his doubts to the side and realized his own potential through determination and hard work.  Training morning noon and night looking to gain confidence, he finally did, and decided he too wanted to share this new found security with everyone around him. 
“I truly want to make each individual better in one way or another so that they too can realize their own value and truly understand just how unique, beautiful and powerful they are.  Regardless of what life is like outside of the walls of CrossFit Trussville, I want to make each athlete smile, enjoy their day just a bit more, and realize their own true potential.  In this I hope everyone can accomplish new levels of confidence for themselves, as well as inspire those around them to enjoy their journey through life and experience it to its fullest potential.”

"Andrew Rape is Confident and Strong" (Click for Video)
"Andrew Rape, The Optimist" (Click for Video)

Professional Achievements:
10-year veteran of CrossFit
Competed in Madison Square Gardens for the NPGL debut, 2014
2014 Las Vegas NPGL Draft, 2nd Round Draft Pick
GRID New York Rhinos, Professional Athlete, 2014, 2015, 2016
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Practicioner/Competitor
International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Atlanta Open, 2nd Place Overall
CrossFit Regionals Athlete, 2012
Coach/Owner, CrossFit Trussville, 2010-present
Coach/Owner, CrossFit Pell City, 2017-present
Halo 2 Gaming Tournament, 2nd Place Champion, 2005 :)
WODAPALOOZA Elite Division Competitor, 2015
Crush Games Competitor, 2015
Uncommmon Programming, Owner/Programmer
Marketing and Industrial Distribution Degrees, UAB 2014

CrossFit Gymnastics Course
CrossFit CFL1 Level-1 Trainer Course, 2008
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Course
OPEX CCP Business Systems
OPEX CCP Life Coaching
OPEX CCP Program Design
OPEX CCP Assessment
OPEX CCP Nutrition

Fitness Accomplishments:
400lb Clean and Jerk
300lb Snatch
525lb Back Squat
475lb Front Squat
1:59 Fran
50 Handstand Pushups in 34 seconds


Candace Rape, Owner/Coach

As an athlete who has played competitive sports her entire life, Coach Candace has dedicated herself to helping people around her realize their own potential through fitness.  Always with a loving smile on her face, Candace brings a wealth of knowledge to the table along with a caring attitude and genuine love for her athletes. She was a collegiate softball player at Bevill State Community College and says that, “Growing up as an athlete taught me discipline, teamwork, and dedication.  This is exactly what I would love to instill in my athletes.” After her years at Bevill State, she finished out her education where she graduated from the Physical Therapist Assistant program with an Associates in Applied Science. After being licensed in 2011, she worked hands on with athletes suffering from a host of physical issues for three years as a PTA at EW Motion Therapy in Trussville. The experience she gained working in the Physical Therapy field makes her an invaluable asset to us as she can ensure her athletes are moving properly, safely, and effectively.



Taylor Owens, Coach

As a current professional athlete for the NPGL San Francisco Fire, CrossFit competitor, and former competitive cheerleader, Coach Taylor has competitiveness and a strive for excellence throughout her personality. Walking into her first CrossFit workout in 2014, she saw the competitive and engaging nature of the sport that she had been missing so much. Being surrounded by people of all backgrounds, ages, goals, and needs only made her that much more impressed with what could be accomplished through CrossFit. Since then, she's never looked back. Now in her 3rd year of CrossFit, Taylor has achieved many of the goals she has set for herself thus far, including: getting drafted as a professional athlete by the San Francisco Fire in the NPGL as a bodyweight and gymnastic specialist. She is a dedicated athlete who is constantly focused on bettering herself in all regards, including her many fitness goals. With her background in cheerleading and gymnsastics and subsequent knowledge of how the human body moves, she knows exactly how to cue her athletes with proper form and hlp them reach their goals. Her coaching style is a combination of technique and form first presented with an exciting and uplifting personality, so you know you will never see her coaching without a smile on her face and words of encouragement. Her favorite part of coaching is the teaching aspect, and there's nothing she loves more than when she has the opportunity for an athlete to "see the light come on", who she says have become family to her since joining the CrossFit Trussville team. Outside of being a competitive athlete and coach, Taylor is also a Kill Cliff Rep servicing the Southeast, a HUGE Alabama football fan, and the soon-to-be bride to one of our competitors "Boy Taylor" (yes, his name is Taylor too!) They now live in Southside with their 3 fur babies: a tabby cat named Prince, a shepherd mix named Jake and a pitbull mix name Harley.

Professional Accomplishments:
CrossFit CFL1 Level-1 Trainer Course Certified, 2015
3-year Veteran of CrossFit, 2014=present
NPGL Online Draft, Pick San Francisco Fire

GRID San Fransisco Fire, Professional Athlete, 2016
Kill Cliff Sales Representative. 2016-Present
ReBoot, Head of Operations, 2018
BeFit BHM, Owner/Founder, 2017
All-Star Advanced Level Competitive Cheerleader, 13 years, 1998-2011


Sophia Rodriguez, Coach

As an athlete who has been in sports all of her life, including sports such as; soccer, softball, dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics. The sport she devoted the most energy toward was gymnastics. As a natural-born gymnast who spent 8 years in the sport until her senior year, she knows what it takes not only to excel in the sport, but also what it takes to be proficient in bodyweight movements. Beginning CrossFit only wanting to stay in shape, Sophia quickly realized that she had found a way she could train her body and elicit her competitive nature as well. Sophia has a passion for understanding human movement, exercise, wellness, nutrition, and everything involving fitness; graduating from UAB with a major in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, and a minor in Nutrition Science will propel her into her next stage in life. Attending OTA school and eventually working in pediatrics, Sophia will be changing lives for quite some time. She loves seeing people accomplish things they never thought they could and wants all of her athletes to believe in themselves and achieve what they think is impossible. As she says, "It is extremely rewarding as a coach to see confidence grow in your athletes," and she works tirelessly to always help athletes accomplish their goals.

Fitness Accomplishments:
Clean and Jerk 215#
Deadlift 350#
Backsquat 290# 
Snatch 170# 

Professional Accomplishments:
CrossFit CFL1 Level-1 Trainer Course Certified
4-year CrossFit Veteran, 2013-present
WZA On-Line Qualifer, Top 50, 2017
WODAPALOOZA Intermediate Team, 2018
Fittest Experience Qualifier, Top 50, 2017
Fittest Experience Individual Competitor, 2018
University of Alabama at Birmingham Graduate, 2017

20842180_1652387558136723_508245379557126028_n (1).jpg

Brandon Jones, Coach

As a firefighter/paramedic, physical fitness and exercise has always been a big part of my life. Exercise has been a major part of my daily routine since 2005. I started working out after while i was in rookie school right out of high school. I knew i had to get stronger if i wanted to excel in this field. I fell in love with exercising. I became a personal trainer in 2009, and that is when i realized i loved helping others achieve their goals. In 2009 i was over the physical fitness program for firefighter recruits during their rookie training. I lead an excruciating daily pt regimen over a 10 week period. I was able to teach guys what it took to work in my field on a day to day basis.  Overall, I enjoy coaching and leading people to help them achieve their goals.  I enjoy the fellowship and comradery that the CrossFit community has.

I have an amazing wife and wonderful son. After faith and family, health and fitness is the next biggest part of my life.

AFFA Personal Trainer Certified, 2009
CrossFit CFL1 Level-1 Trainer Course Certified
Firefighter Recruit Physical Fitness Program, Head Trainer
Palmerdale Firefighter, 2006
Firefighter, 13 years, 2005-present
EMT/Paramedic, 2007
Palmerdale Volunteer Fire Department, Firefighter, 2005
Leeds Fire Department, Firefighter, 2006
Centerpoint Fire Department, Firefighter, 2012-2016
Trussville Fire Departmnet, Firefighter, 2008=present


James Buxton, Coach

James Buxton has been a member of CrossFit Trussville for over five years and has recently received his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate in late 2017. 

James loves to serve athletes and see the best come out in them.  In High School, James played varsity soccer for Hewitt-Trussville High School, and has always been pretty active.However, while coaching his son's soccer team one day, he realized he could barely keep up for 5 year olds, he knew something had to change.  James tried everything, but was never able to "stick" to any one thing.  Shortly thereafter, a friend invited him to try out CrossFit Trussville. On that first day of Fundamentals, he was so nervous, he even drove around the parking lot a few times before finally getting up the nerve to park the car, and walk through those glass doors.  That day would change his life forever.  

James quickly connected to others in his same shoes.  He went from wanting to just "get into shape" to competing in his first of many CrossFitt competitions.  And that's not all. Becoming a part of the CFT family opened up so many doors to other athletic opportunities outside of the box.  You see, James never considered himself a runner, but he soon found himself leading a Saturday morning running group along with several other CFT members.  This fellowship and motivation from other CFT athletes lead the way to James competing in several 5k's, 10k's and even the Nashville 1/2 Marathon and a Sprint Triathalon at Lake Guntersville, AL.  Then, he did not stop there, in 2015 and 2016, James completed two 50k trail races at Lake Logan Martin and in North Georgia.  

"I truly see being a coach a CrossFit Trussville as a opportunity of a lifetime.  I get to help and see athletes of all types accomplish more than they ever thought possible, just as other coaches have, and still do for me.  We are all learning from each other and get to experience it all together.  I love to serve our gym and represent what we are all about, inside and out of the box.  I love my CFT family and cannot wait to see what our athletes accomplish next!"

James works full time in higher education administration at a local community college and loves to spend time with his wife, Brooke, and his two kids, Mason and Meredith. 

Professional Accomplishments:
5-year CrossFit Veteran
CrossFit CFL1 Level-1 Trainer Course Certified
Nashville, Tennesse Half Marathon
CFT Running Group, Founder/Coach
Lake Guntersville, Alabama Sprint Triathlon
Lake Logan Martin, Alabama 50k Trail Race, 2015
North Georgia 50k Trail Race, 2016  


Melissa Donaldson, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

As someone who grew up never considering herself athletic or the "sport" type, Melissa has added a myriad of accomplishments and experience to just that.  After the birth of her second son, Henry, she decided that adding fitness and exercise higher on the priority list had to be mandatory for her own life. Looking for something that worked, got her into great shape, and could help her become a stronger and more capable Mother, she decided to try our CrossFit in August of 2012. Since then, she has never looked back.  Even as a Registered Dietitian  with a degree from Auburn University and Masters from University of Alabama with a Dietetic Internship from UAB, she always felt as though she was missing the other 50% of the equation.  Since beginning CrossFit Trussville, taking time to learn what it takes to fuel like an athlete, and introducing her own principles in nutrition, she has not only dropped an impressive amount of weight, but also built a deal of lean muscle.  Her heart is in changing lives by helping realize how important nutrition is to health and just how much of a component it is to fitness. Her motivation is other peoples success and she gets excited every time the light bulb goes off for someone in realizing their own potential.  If you don't see her at the gym, you can expect her to be spending quality time with her two boys Will and Henry (13 and 8 respectively) and her husband Chris.  

25289714_1515087651939821_5215421744758428892_n (1).jpg

Braden Rayburn, Coach

Having had a background in fitness since 2009, he’s now continuing his journey of helping others accomplish their goals through expert coaching and care here at CrossFit Trussville. As a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, he’s had the opportunity to gain significant sports application coaching as a student coach on the UAB football team for the past 5 years. He’s been able to bring his collegiate coaching experience to our athletes here at CrossFit Trussville. If you’ve been able to experience his coaching, you know he is nothing short of compassionate, caring, selfless, and very knowledgeable. Here is what he had to say about coaching, “I love this place and all of the athletes I get to interact with on a daily basis. Every single person here is like family to me and I couldn’t appreciate each one of you anymore. Just come to the gym with a positive attitude, maybe a competitive mentality, and ready to pursue excellence, and I promise if you bring these attributes to the table you will continually improve each and every day.”

Professional Accomplishments:
CrossFit CFL1 Level-1 Trainer Course Certified
AHSAA Coaching Certification
Army All-American Scholar Athlete of the Year
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Defensive GA, 5 years
Co-Defensive Coordinator, Springville High School
Defensive Line Coach, Springville High School
4-year CrossFit Veteran

CrossFit CFL1 Level-1 Trainer Course Certified
AHSAA Coaching Certification

James McCool, Coach

As the first coach ever introduced to our athletes at CrossFit Trussville, Coach James has an extensive track record of coaching experience and personal competitive ability. As a Trussville police officer who patrols our area and keeps us safe when he is not coaching, James is able to provide a 360 degree ability to improve our lives from all ends. He's CPR and First-Aid certified which gives him the opportunity to be engaged in virtually any situation. As the former Director of Operations at CrossFit Trussville, James knows exactly what it takes to pave the way for each individual's success. With such a broad background in so many different disciplines, his knowledge through certifications and understanding of the many facets of fitness gives him the opportunity to bring a fresh approach to his athletes continued success. When not at CFT, you can bet you'll se him riding the roads on his motorcycle with his wife Candice and their miniature dachshund Lilly.